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EPD Support Groups

At the open meeting in Arbois 8-12 May, we set up some support groups (nominated members listed below - coordinator in italics) and we now invite you to add your name to these groups if you wish to be involved in their work. Please send your name and desired group to

  • Taxonomy : Steffen Wolters, Marie-Jose Gaillard, Jacqueline van Leeuwen, Bruna Ilde Menozzi, Morteza Djamali
  • Database structure : Thomas Giesecke, Simon Brewer, Basil Davis, Ralph Fyfe, Eric Grimm, Anne Vignot, Pim van der Knaap, Shonil Bhagwat, Walter Finsinger, Jörg Christiansen
  • Age-depth chronologies : Maarten Blaauw, Basil Davis, Keith Bennett, Elena Ortu
  • Financial group : Richard Bradshaw, Heather Binney, Hermann Behling, Valerie Andrieu
  • Community outreach : Wim Hoek, Thomas Litt, Phillip Allen
  • National contact points : Walter Finsinger, Sampson Panajiotidis, Graciela Gil-Romera, Fraser Mitchell, Heikki Seppä, Laura Sadori, Klaus Oeggl, Wim Hoek, Marie-Jose Gaillard, Petr Kuneš, Aleksandra Simakova, Jacques-Louis de Beaulieu, Bart Klinck, Basil Davis, Vanessa Gelorini
  • Mapping and data accuracy : Simon Brewer, Walter Finsinger, Thomas Giesecke, Graciela Gil-Romera, Anne Le Flao, Ralph Fyfe, Petr Kuneš, Norbert Kühl, Heather Binney, Dorota Nalepka, Jörg Christiansen
  • Intellectual property, protocol : Valerie Andrieu, Anne Vignot, Spassimir Tonkov, Richard Bradshaw
  • Surface Samples (new group) : Basil Davis, Odile Peyron
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