EPD Meeting and training workshops from 01 to 03.06.2016 in Aix-en-Provence, France

We offer exciting keynote lectures, an extensive poster session to showcase your research, and two days of training with experts in software, databases, and modelling.

We want your opinion on how to develop the EPD to make it a better resource for research, education, and data storage. No registration Fee

Workshop topics include

   Tilia and Neotoma 
   Charcoal software and database
   Surface samples for ‘analogue’ reconstructions
   LandCover6k using LRA: PPEs, REVEALS, LOVE
   Help in pollen and NPP identification
   Using the EPD with ‘R’
   Age depth modeling

Please register by sending an email to [michelle.leydet@imbe.fr] before 28.02.2016, indicating if you will present a poster and providing your affiliation. We encourage researchers from North African and Near East countries to attend. Limited funds are available to support travel and/or accommodation for young researchers and those from out side the EU/Schengen. Please apply with your registration stating the reasons why and how much support is requested.

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