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Group projects

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This page gives some details about research projects suggested within the Mapping and Data Accuracy group, and is intended to encourage collaboration. Anyone who is interested should contact the project responsible.

Long Term Biodiversity

It was agreed that the main focus of the group would be a study of biodiversity through time, looking at diversity gradients in Europe (lat/lon), and possibly long-term diversity in Mediterranean/other hotspots. The methods to be used will include eveness, rarefaction, and a functional approach based on plant traits.

Responsible: Simon/Thomas

Participants: Everyone!


Biomes, with focus on EPD sites (and region)

Responsible: Heather

Europe AD

Changes in Europe over last 2000 years

Responsible: Thomas

No-analogue vegetation

No-analogue vegetation and climate

Responsible: Simon

Spread of Neolithic

Spread of Neolithic culture

Responsible: Walter and Ralph

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