Restricted data in the EPD

The EPD currently has around 206 sites listed as ‘restricted’ (see below, I'll try and get it in a better format). Almost all of these restrictions have been in place for anywhere between 7 to 16 years. The EPD protocol states that restrictions on data expire after 3 years unless the contributor expressly requests an extension to the restriction (renewable every 3 years). The protocol also states that the contributor should be reminded just before the 3 year term expires. As far as I know this reminder process has not been taking place, and therefore data has remained restricted even though the contributor may now wish for it to be unrestricted.

I would therefore like to propose the following:

1. All contact details for data contributors holding restricted data should be checked and these details updated if necessary. I suggest asking the relevant country representatives to do this.

2. Contributors of restricted data should be contacted by email and reminded that the 3 year term has expired (in almost all cases, many years ago). Contributors should be reminded of their right to extend this for a further 3 years. A no-reply would elicit a further reminder after 4 weeks, followed by a further 4 week period, and then finally the data would be made unrestricted by the database manager by default. You may want to argue that the default should be to keep it restricted when there is no reply.

3. I would also propose a slight rewording of the protocol to remove current ambiguities so we don’t have this problem in future. At present the data defaults to unrestricted after 3 years, but contributors also expect to be contacted with a reminder before this happens. I suggest we keep this default, but put the obligation on contributors to keep their contact details up to date. This would mean the EPD is not responsible if the reminder did not reach the contributor because of a change of address for instance.

4. I also noticed that the original protocol seems to state that all data whether restricted or unrestricted should be included in the database and therefore made public. This means all users can access the restricted data, with the onus on the user to obtain permission to use it. This is not how the EPD operates now or has operated in the past, whereby only the database manager had access to the restricted data, and only unrestricted data is in the public domain. I suggest that the protocol is followed and that the restricted data is made public (with appropriate warnings). This would have the following advantages: a) the user can assess how useful the data is before applying for permission from the contributor b) the data would be subject to the same community-based quality control checks that have been going on with the unrestricted data c) it would create less work for the database manager

5. Could someone post or link a copy of the most upto date protocol on the EPD wiki

..and by the way, you may notice I have a few restricted sites in the list below.

Many thanks,


Dr Basil Davis ISTE, ARVE Group Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

I found the following links for EPD protocol details:

Bordeaux 2003 meeting;

Wilhelmshaven 1990 meeting;

List of restricted sites on the EPD:

R83510/09/1998Beaulieu, JL and Reille, M.La Grande Pile
R18901/01/1992Beaulieu, JL deBrugiroux
R29901/01/1993Behre, K.E.Swienskuhle DAH III
R65105/07/1996Bezusko, L.Kulichkovskoye
R64805/07/1996Bezusko, L.Moskovskiy Bobrik
R64905/07/1996Bezusko, L.Bolotnya
R65005/07/1996Bezusko, L.Tsetula
R65907/10/1996Bezusko, L.Makovich
R65707/10/1996Bezusko, L.Bolotnoye
R65807/10/1996Bezusko, L.Lopatin
R66307/10/1996Bezusko, L.Polonichka
R66207/10/1996Bezusko, L.Maly podleski
R66007/10/1996Bezusko, L.Osoyevka
R65407/10/1996Bezusko, L.Nowy Gutiski
R67108/11/1996Bezusko, L.Zvenigorod-Kotsurovskoye
R66908/11/1996Bezusko, L.Svyatoye-2
R66608/11/1996Bezusko, L.Stoyanov-1
R4301/01/1991Birks, H.J.B.Loch Ashik
R4401/01/1991Birks, H.J.B.Loch Meodal
R4501/01/1991Birks, H.J.B.Loch Cleat
R54501/01/1995Bohncke, S.Mariahout
R54201/01/1995Bohncke, S.Notsel
R54301/01/1995Bohncke, S.Uddelermeer
R54101/01/1995Bohncke, S.Bosscherheide
R54401/01/1995Bohncke, S.Bleekemeer
R54601/01/1995Bohncke, S.Bosscherheide
R54701/01/1995Bohncke, S.Mekelermeer
R84610/09/1998Brugiapaglia, E.Tourbière de Santa Anna
R84710/09/1998Brugiapaglia, E.Tourbière de Champlong
R84910/09/1998Brugiapaglia, E.Lac de Lod
R85010/09/1998Brugiapaglia, E.Tourbière de Loditor
R85110/09/1998Brugiapaglia, E.Tourbière de Pilaz
R84810/09/1998Brugiapaglia, E.Tourbière Lo Cret
R85201/10/1998Brugiapaglia, E.Pian di Verra superiore
R85301/10/1998Brugiapaglia, E.Lac de Villa
R85401/10/1998Brugiapaglia, E.Lac de Champlong
R64305/07/1996Chernavskaya, M.Iosipovo
R64405/07/1996Chernavskaya, M.Khomin Mokh
R64505/07/1996Chernavskaya, M.Miroshy
R64705/07/1996Chernavskaya, M.Turova Dacha
R21901/01/1993David, F.Les Saisies
R22301/01/1993David, F.Col du Pré
R31801/01/1994David, F.Lac du Lait
R32601/01/1994David, F.Plan du Jeu
R943Davis, B.Laguna Salada Chiprana
R942Davis, B.Salada Pequeña
R941Davis, B.Laguna Guallar
R940Davis, B.Hoya del Castillo
R920Dorofeyuk, N.Tolbo-Nur
R904Dorofeyuk, N.Danyagiin-Hara-Nur
R907Dorofeyuk, N.Dund-Nur
R908Dorofeyuk, N.Dund-Nur
R910Dorofeyuk, N.Hara-Us-Nur
R911Dorofeyuk, N.Hara-Us-Nur
R914Dorofeyuk, N.Hudo-Nur
R915Dorofeyuk, N.Hudo-Nur
R916Dorofeyuk, N.Huh-Nur
R917Dorofeyuk, N.Shiret-Nur
R919Dorofeyuk, N.Terkhiin-Tsagan-Nur
R921Dorofeyuk, N.Tsagan-Nur
R922Dorofeyuk, N.Urmiin-Tsagan-Nur
R902Dorofeyuk, N.Daba-Nur
R901Dorofeyuk, N.Buir-Nur
R905Dorofeyuk, N.Dayan-Nur
R918Dorofeyuk, N.Terkhiin-Tsagan-Nur
R89801/04/1999Dorofeyuk, N.Achit-Nur
R89901/04/1999Dorofeyuk, N.Achit-Nur
R88801/03/1999Draxler, I.Ödenseemoor
R88901/03/1999Draxler, I.Rödschitzmoor
R89001/04/1999Draxler, I.Moossalmmoor
R74306/03/1997Filimonova, L.Moshkarnoe
R42001/01/1994Grönlund, E.A.G.Pitkälampi
R41901/01/1994Grönlund, E.A.G.Heinälampi
R53901/01/1995Hallsdottir, M.Tjörnin
R53801/01/1995Hallsdottir, M.Vatnskotsvatn
R54001/01/1995Hallsdottir, M.Krossholsmyri
R5601/01/1991Hallsdóttir, M.Thrandarholt [Hreppar]
R5801/01/1991Hallsdóttir, M.Svinavatn [Grimsnes]
R41401/01/1994Huttunen, A.Kolmiloukkonen
R82307/07/1998Jahns, S.Lake Lerna
R7401/01/1991Jóhansen, J.Hovi A
R7501/01/1991Jóhansen, J.Hovi B
R35401/01/1994Karlsson, S.T.Adran
R68008/11/1996Kvavadze, E.Lisi
R501/01/1991Latalowa, M.Darzlubie Forest
R15001/01/1992Latalowa, M.Lake Racze
R15101/01/1992Latalowa, M.Wolin II
R14701/01/1992Latalowa, M.Zarnowiec peat bog
R15201/01/1992Latalowa, M.Zurawiec
R14901/01/1992Latalowa, M.Kolczewo
R932Leroy, S.Holzmaar
R952Litt, T.Holzmaar
R938Litt, T.Meerfelder Maar
R935Litt, T.Krumpa
R925Litt, T.Georgenfelder Hochmoor
R957Litt, T.Wachel 3
R954Mateus, J.Lagoa Travessa II
R936Mateus, J.Lagoa da Casa SW
R953Mateus, J.Lagoa Travessa I
R945Muller, S.Plaine Alpe
R946Muller, S.Pré Rond
R52501/01/1995Nilssen, E.J.Donvold
R88301/03/1999Oeggl, K.Schwemm
R88601/03/1999Oeggl, K.Schwemm
R88701/03/1999Oeggl, K.Schwemm
R88501/03/1999Oeggl, K.Schwemm
R88401/03/1999Oeggl, K.Schwemm
R24701/01/1993Peglar, S.Loch of Winless
R930Queiroz, P.Lagoa do Golfo I
R929Queiroz, P.Gallanech beg
R931Queiroz, P.Lagoa do Golfo II
R924Queiroz, P.Estacada/Lagoa de Albufeira
R926Queiroz, P.Poço do Barbaroxa de Cima
R927Queiroz, P.Vale da Carregueira
R928Queiroz, P.Figueira de Baixo/Carvalhal
R52901/01/1995Ralska-Jasiewiczova, M.Woryty (Near Gietrzwald)
R55401/01/1995Ralska-Jasiewiczowa, M.Mikolajki lake
R52701/01/1995Ralska-Jasiewiczowa, M.Woryty (Near Gietrzwald)
R77401/11/1997ReilleLe Monge
R37301/01/1994Reille, M.Tourbière de la Borde
R38501/01/1994Reille, M.Ruisseau de Laurenti
R38701/01/1994Reille, M.Ruisseau du Fournas
R39301/01/1994Reille, M.Le Serre
R39201/01/1994Reille, M.Le Serre
R39101/01/1994Reille, M.Pinet
R39001/01/1994Reille, M.Pinet
R38301/01/1994Reille, M.L'Estagnon
R38801/01/1994Reille, M.Balcère
R37701/01/1994Reille, M.Le Moura
R38601/01/1994Reille, M.Gourg Nègre
R38401/01/1994Reille, M.L'Estagnon
R38201/01/1994Reille, M.Freychinède
R38101/01/1994Reille, M.Freychinède
R38001/01/1994Reille, M.Castet
R37901/01/1994Reille, M.Castet
R37801/01/1994Reille, M.Le Moura
R38901/01/1994Reille, M.Moulinasse
R77201/10/1997Reille, M.Biscaye
R77601/02/1998Reille, M.Les Enfers
R77801/02/1998Reille, M.La Taphanel
R77901/02/1998Reille, M.Frasne (Doubs)
R78001/02/1998Reille, M.Le Jolan
R78201/02/1998Reille, M.Le Mont Bar
R78301/02/1998Reille, M.Bonnecombe
R78401/02/1998Reille, M.La Taphanel
R78101/02/1998Reille, M.L'Estivalet
R78501/02/1998Reille, M.Les Veaux
R77701/02/1998Reille, M.Lac de Creno
R78601/02/1998Reille, M.Le Beillard
R79101/03/1998Reille, M.Le Suc
R78701/03/1998Reille, M.Lac du Mont de Belier
R78801/03/1998Reille, M.Gioux
R79201/03/1998Reille, M.Toubière des Nassettes
R79001/03/1998Reille, M.Le Suc
R78901/03/1998Reille, M.Landos
R82608/07/1998Reille, M.Crovani
R82709/07/1998Reille, M.Barcaggio
R84410/09/1998Reille, M.Padul
R83610/09/1998Reille, M.Tourbière de la Barthe
R83710/09/1998Reille, M.Tourbiere de la pigne
R83810/09/1998Reille, M.Ostriconi
R83910/09/1998Reille, M.Ostriconi
R84010/09/1998Reille, M.Saleccia
R84110/09/1998Reille, M.Montchauvet
R83410/09/1998Reille, M.Le Fango
R84310/09/1998Reille, M.Bastani
R84510/09/1998Reille, M.Randon
R84210/09/1998Reille, M.Curebiasse
R83110/09/1998Reille, M.Capitello
R82810/09/1998Reille, M.Bastani
R83010/09/1998Reille, M.Capitello
R83310/09/1998Reille, M.Crovani
R83210/09/1998Reille, M.Etang de Cheylade
R82910/09/1998Reille, M.Cannuta
R89301/04/1999Reille, M.Forêt de Giraldès
R89201/04/1999Reille, M.Sainte Eulalie
R6801/01/1991Riera i Mora, S.Drassanes
R5401/01/1991Robertsson, A.M.Leveäniemi
R2301/01/1991Robertsson, A.M.Garaselet - Lappviken (Byskeälven)
R56401/01/1995Rybnickova, E.Jedlova
R56301/01/1995Rybnickova, E.Zlatnicka dolina
R56201/01/1995Rybnickova, E.Velky Ded
R56101/01/1995Rybnickova, E.Bobrov
R56601/01/1995Rybnickova, E.Maj
R937Sadori, D.Lagaccione
R958Sadori, L.Lago di Vico
R944Sanchez-Goni, M.F.Etang d'Ouveillan
R933Seppa, H.Lake Hopseidet
R934Seppa, H.Lake Ifjord
R950Seppa, H.Lake Skaidejavri
R955Seppa, H.Lake Tsuolbmajavri
R949Stevenson, A.C.Round Loch of Glenhead
R951Stevenson, A.C.Teanga
R601/01/1991Stevenson, A.C.Asperillo [Huelva]
R956Suc, J.P.Vaccarès III
R16201/01/1992Thelaus, M.T.Sandsjön
R948Tonkov, Sp.Lake Suho Ezero
R25901/01/1993van der Knaap, W.O.Lagoa Comprida 2
R82507/07/1998Van der Knaap, W.O.Charco da Candieira
R939van Leuwaarden, W.Ribeira de Moinhos
R947Watson, C.Lago Pratignano
R27901/01/1993Whittington, G.Wag
R27101/01/1993Whittington, G.Ellanmore
R27001/01/1993Whittington, G.Creich Castle
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