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Restricted data in the EPD

The EPD currently has around 206 sites listed as ‘restricted’ (see below, I'll try and get it in a better format). Almost all of these restrictions have been in place for anywhere between 7 to 16 years. The EPD protocol states that restrictions on data expire after 3 years unless the contributor expressly requests an extension to the restriction (renewable every 3 years). The protocol also states that the contributor should be reminded just before the 3 year term expires. As far as I know this reminder process has not been taking place, and therefore data has remained restricted even though the contributor may now wish for it to be unrestricted.

I would therefore like to propose the following:

1. All contact details for data contributors holding restricted data should be checked and these details updated if necessary. I suggest asking the relevant country representatives to do this.

2. Contributors of restricted data should be contacted by email and reminded that the 3 year term has expired (in almost all cases, many years ago). Contributors should be reminded of their right to extend this for a further 3 years. A no-reply would elicit a further reminder after 4 weeks, followed by a further 4 week period, and then finally the data would be made unrestricted by the database manager by default. You may want to argue that the default should be to keep it restricted when there is no reply.

3. I would also propose a slight rewording of the protocol to remove current ambiguities so we don’t have this problem in future. At present the data defaults to unrestricted after 3 years, but contributors also expect to be contacted with a reminder before this happens. I suggest we keep this default, but put the obligation on contributors to keep their contact details up to date. This would mean the EPD is not responsible if the reminder did not reach the contributor because of a change of address for instance.

4. I also noticed that the original protocol seems to state that all data whether restricted or unrestricted should be included in the database and therefore made public. This means all users can access the restricted data, with the onus on the user to obtain permission to use it. This is not how the EPD operates now or has operated in the past, whereby only the database manager had access to the restricted data, and only unrestricted data is in the public domain. I suggest that the protocol is followed and that the restricted data is made public (with appropriate warnings). This would have the following advantages: a) the user can assess how useful the data is before applying for permission from the contributor b) the data would be subject to the same community-based quality control checks that have been going on with the unrestricted data c) it would create less work for the database manager

5. Could someone post or link a copy of the most upto date protocol on the EPD wiki

..and by the way, you may notice I have a few restricted sites in the list below.

Many thanks,


Dr Basil Davis ISTE, ARVE Group Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

I found the following links for EPD protocol details:

Bordeaux 2003 meeting;

Wilhelmshaven 1990 meeting;

List of restricted sites on the EPD:

UseStatus E# Date DataSource SiteName R 835 10/09/1998 Beaulieu, JL and Reille, M. La Grande Pile R 189 01/01/1992 Beaulieu, JL de Brugiroux R 299 01/01/1993 Behre, K.E. Swienskuhle DAH III R 651 05/07/1996 Bezusko, L. Kulichkovskoye R 648 05/07/1996 Bezusko, L. Moskovskiy Bobrik R 649 05/07/1996 Bezusko, L. Bolotnya R 650 05/07/1996 Bezusko, L. Tsetula R 659 07/10/1996 Bezusko, L. Makovich R 657 07/10/1996 Bezusko, L. Bolotnoye R 658 07/10/1996 Bezusko, L. Lopatin R 663 07/10/1996 Bezusko, L. Polonichka R 662 07/10/1996 Bezusko, L. Maly podleski R 660 07/10/1996 Bezusko, L. Osoyevka R 654 07/10/1996 Bezusko, L. Nowy Gutiski R 671 08/11/1996 Bezusko, L. Zvenigorod-Kotsurovskoye R 669 08/11/1996 Bezusko, L. Svyatoye-2 R 666 08/11/1996 Bezusko, L. Stoyanov-1 R 43 01/01/1991 Birks, H.J.B. Loch Ashik R 44 01/01/1991 Birks, H.J.B. Loch Meodal R 45 01/01/1991 Birks, H.J.B. Loch Cleat R 545 01/01/1995 Bohncke, S. Mariahout R 542 01/01/1995 Bohncke, S. Notsel R 543 01/01/1995 Bohncke, S. Uddelermeer R 541 01/01/1995 Bohncke, S. Bosscherheide R 544 01/01/1995 Bohncke, S. Bleekemeer R 546 01/01/1995 Bohncke, S. Bosscherheide R 547 01/01/1995 Bohncke, S. Mekelermeer R 846 10/09/1998 Brugiapaglia, E. Tourbière de Santa Anna R 847 10/09/1998 Brugiapaglia, E. Tourbière de Champlong R 849 10/09/1998 Brugiapaglia, E. Lac de Lod R 850 10/09/1998 Brugiapaglia, E. Tourbière de Loditor R 851 10/09/1998 Brugiapaglia, E. Tourbière de Pilaz R 848 10/09/1998 Brugiapaglia, E. Tourbière Lo Cret R 852 01/10/1998 Brugiapaglia, E. Pian di Verra superiore R 853 01/10/1998 Brugiapaglia, E. Lac de Villa R 854 01/10/1998 Brugiapaglia, E. Lac de Champlong R 643 05/07/1996 Chernavskaya, M. Iosipovo R 644 05/07/1996 Chernavskaya, M. Khomin Mokh R 645 05/07/1996 Chernavskaya, M. Miroshy R 647 05/07/1996 Chernavskaya, M. Turova Dacha R 219 01/01/1993 David, F. Les Saisies R 223 01/01/1993 David, F. Col du Pré R 318 01/01/1994 David, F. Lac du Lait R 326 01/01/1994 David, F. Plan du Jeu R 943 Davis, B. Laguna Salada Chiprana R 942 Davis, B. Salada Pequeña R 941 Davis, B. Laguna Guallar R 940 Davis, B. Hoya del Castillo R 920 Dorofeyuk, N. Tolbo-Nur R 904 Dorofeyuk, N. Danyagiin-Hara-Nur R 907 Dorofeyuk, N. Dund-Nur R 908 Dorofeyuk, N. Dund-Nur R 910 Dorofeyuk, N. Hara-Us-Nur R 911 Dorofeyuk, N. Hara-Us-Nur R 914 Dorofeyuk, N. Hudo-Nur R 915 Dorofeyuk, N. Hudo-Nur R 916 Dorofeyuk, N. Huh-Nur R 917 Dorofeyuk, N. Shiret-Nur R 919 Dorofeyuk, N. Terkhiin-Tsagan-Nur R 921 Dorofeyuk, N. Tsagan-Nur R 922 Dorofeyuk, N. Urmiin-Tsagan-Nur R 902 Dorofeyuk, N. Daba-Nur R 901 Dorofeyuk, N. Buir-Nur R 905 Dorofeyuk, N. Dayan-Nur R 918 Dorofeyuk, N. Terkhiin-Tsagan-Nur R 898 01/04/1999 Dorofeyuk, N. Achit-Nur R 899 01/04/1999 Dorofeyuk, N. Achit-Nur R 888 01/03/1999 Draxler, I. Ödenseemoor R 889 01/03/1999 Draxler, I. Rödschitzmoor R 890 01/04/1999 Draxler, I. Moossalmmoor R 743 06/03/1997 Filimonova, L. Moshkarnoe R 420 01/01/1994 Grönlund, E.A.G. Pitkälampi R 419 01/01/1994 Grönlund, E.A.G. Heinälampi R 539 01/01/1995 Hallsdottir, M. Tjörnin R 538 01/01/1995 Hallsdottir, M. Vatnskotsvatn R 540 01/01/1995 Hallsdottir, M. Krossholsmyri R 56 01/01/1991 Hallsdóttir, M. Thrandarholt [Hreppar] R 58 01/01/1991 Hallsdóttir, M. Svinavatn [Grimsnes] R 414 01/01/1994 Huttunen, A. Kolmiloukkonen R 823 07/07/1998 Jahns, S. Lake Lerna R 74 01/01/1991 Jóhansen, J. Hovi A R 75 01/01/1991 Jóhansen, J. Hovi B R 354 01/01/1994 Karlsson, S.T. Adran R 680 08/11/1996 Kvavadze, E. Lisi R 5 01/01/1991 Latalowa, M. Darzlubie Forest R 150 01/01/1992 Latalowa, M. Lake Racze R 151 01/01/1992 Latalowa, M. Wolin II R 147 01/01/1992 Latalowa, M. Zarnowiec peat bog R 152 01/01/1992 Latalowa, M. Zurawiec R 149 01/01/1992 Latalowa, M. Kolczewo R 932 Leroy, S. Holzmaar R 952 Litt, T. Holzmaar R 938 Litt, T. Meerfelder Maar R 935 Litt, T. Krumpa R 925 Litt, T. Georgenfelder Hochmoor R 957 Litt, T. Wachel 3 R 954 Mateus, J. Lagoa Travessa II R 936 Mateus, J. Lagoa da Casa SW R 953 Mateus, J. Lagoa Travessa I R 945 Muller, S. Plaine Alpe R 946 Muller, S. Pré Rond R 525 01/01/1995 Nilssen, E.J. Donvold R 883 01/03/1999 Oeggl, K. Schwemm R 886 01/03/1999 Oeggl, K. Schwemm R 887 01/03/1999 Oeggl, K. Schwemm R 885 01/03/1999 Oeggl, K. Schwemm R 884 01/03/1999 Oeggl, K. Schwemm R 247 01/01/1993 Peglar, S. Loch of Winless R 930 Queiroz, P. Lagoa do Golfo I R 929 Queiroz, P. Gallanech beg R 931 Queiroz, P. Lagoa do Golfo II R 924 Queiroz, P. Estacada/Lagoa de Albufeira R 926 Queiroz, P. Poço do Barbaroxa de Cima R 927 Queiroz, P. Vale da Carregueira R 928 Queiroz, P. Figueira de Baixo/Carvalhal R 529 01/01/1995 Ralska-Jasiewiczova, M. Woryty (Near Gietrzwald) R 554 01/01/1995 Ralska-Jasiewiczowa, M. Mikolajki lake R 527 01/01/1995 Ralska-Jasiewiczowa, M. Woryty (Near Gietrzwald) R 773 01/10/1997 Reille Lourdes R 775 01/11/1997 Reille Padul R 774 01/11/1997 Reille Le Monge R 373 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Tourbière de la Borde R 385 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Ruisseau de Laurenti R 387 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Ruisseau du Fournas R 393 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Le Serre R 392 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Le Serre R 391 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Pinet R 390 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Pinet R 383 01/01/1994 Reille, M. L'Estagnon R 388 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Balcère R 377 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Le Moura R 386 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Gourg Nègre R 384 01/01/1994 Reille, M. L'Estagnon R 382 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Freychinède R 381 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Freychinède R 380 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Castet R 379 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Castet R 378 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Le Moura R 389 01/01/1994 Reille, M. Moulinasse R 772 01/10/1997 Reille, M. Biscaye R 776 01/02/1998 Reille, M. Les Enfers R 778 01/02/1998 Reille, M. La Taphanel R 779 01/02/1998 Reille, M. Frasne (Doubs) R 780 01/02/1998 Reille, M. Le Jolan R 782 01/02/1998 Reille, M. Le Mont Bar R 783 01/02/1998 Reille, M. Bonnecombe R 784 01/02/1998 Reille, M. La Taphanel R 781 01/02/1998 Reille, M. L'Estivalet R 785 01/02/1998 Reille, M. Les Veaux R 777 01/02/1998 Reille, M. Lac de Creno R 786 01/02/1998 Reille, M. Le Beillard R 791 01/03/1998 Reille, M. Le Suc R 787 01/03/1998 Reille, M. Lac du Mont de Belier R 788 01/03/1998 Reille, M. Gioux R 792 01/03/1998 Reille, M. Toubière des Nassettes R 790 01/03/1998 Reille, M. Le Suc R 789 01/03/1998 Reille, M. Landos R 826 08/07/1998 Reille, M. Crovani R 827 09/07/1998 Reille, M. Barcaggio R 844 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Padul R 836 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Tourbière de la Barthe R 837 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Tourbiere de la pigne R 838 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Ostriconi R 839 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Ostriconi R 840 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Saleccia R 841 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Montchauvet R 834 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Le Fango R 843 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Bastani R 845 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Randon R 842 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Curebiasse R 831 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Capitello R 828 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Bastani R 830 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Capitello R 833 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Crovani R 832 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Etang de Cheylade R 829 10/09/1998 Reille, M. Cannuta R 893 01/04/1999 Reille, M. Forêt de Giraldès R 892 01/04/1999 Reille, M. Sainte Eulalie R 68 01/01/1991 Riera i Mora, S. Drassanes R 54 01/01/1991 Robertsson, A.M. Leveäniemi R 23 01/01/1991 Robertsson, A.M. Garaselet - Lappviken (Byskeälven) R 564 01/01/1995 Rybnickova, E. Jedlova R 563 01/01/1995 Rybnickova, E. Zlatnicka dolina R 562 01/01/1995 Rybnickova, E. Velky Ded R 561 01/01/1995 Rybnickova, E. Bobrov R 566 01/01/1995 Rybnickova, E. Maj R 937 Sadori, D. Lagaccione R 958 Sadori, L. Lago di Vico R 944 Sanchez-Goni, M.F. Etang d'Ouveillan R 933 Seppa, H. Lake Hopseidet R 934 Seppa, H. Lake Ifjord R 950 Seppa, H. Lake Skaidejavri R 955 Seppa, H. Lake Tsuolbmajavri R 949 Stevenson, A.C. Round Loch of Glenhead R 951 Stevenson, A.C. Teanga R 6 01/01/1991 Stevenson, A.C. Asperillo [Huelva] R 956 Suc, J.P. Vaccarès III R 162 01/01/1992 Thelaus, M.T. Sandsjön R 948 Tonkov, Sp. Lake Suho Ezero R 259 01/01/1993 van der Knaap, W.O. Lagoa Comprida 2 R 825 07/07/1998 Van der Knaap, W.O. Charco da Candieira R 939 van Leuwaarden, W. Ribeira de Moinhos R 947 Watson, C. Lago Pratignano R 279 01/01/1993 Whittington, G. Wag R 271 01/01/1993 Whittington, G. Ellanmore R 270 01/01/1993 Whittington, G. Creich Castle

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