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 I found the following links for EPD protocol details: I found the following links for EPD protocol details:
-Bordeaux 2003 meeting; http://wdc.cricyt.edu.ar/​paleo/​epd/​epdprotocols.html+Bordeaux 2003 meeting; http://www.cricyt.edu.ar/​paleo/​epd/​epdprotocols.html
 Wilhelmshaven 1990 meeting; ​ http://​www.chrono.qub.ac.uk/​inqua/​news7/​nl7-jldb.htm Wilhelmshaven 1990 meeting; ​ http://​www.chrono.qub.ac.uk/​inqua/​news7/​nl7-jldb.htm
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 |R|835|10/​09/​1998|Beaulieu,​ JL and Reille, M.|La Grande Pile| |R|835|10/​09/​1998|Beaulieu,​ JL and Reille, M.|La Grande Pile|
 |R|189|01/​01/​1992|Beaulieu,​ JL de|Brugiroux| |R|189|01/​01/​1992|Beaulieu,​ JL de|Brugiroux|
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