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'National Contact Points' support group


This group has been proposed at the Arbois Meeting 2007 with the aim to promote the EPD at a National/Regional level. Participants of this support group may play an important role in disseminating the news concerning the EPD because they

  • speak the language of people working in their own country (or language region),
  • know many palynologists in the country and can therefore discuss problems on a more informal basis.

If you have a question concerning the EPD, feel free to contact one of the Participants listed below.


27-aug-08: received the latest list of contributors who have restricted sites (EPD v.20080827)

17-jul-2008: started to organise an up-to-date address list of contributors who have restricted sites

jun-2007: the group is born

Current Participants

Contact name (Country) - E-mail address

  • Klaus Oeggl (Austria) - Klaus.Oeggl(at)
  • Vanessa Gelorini (Belgium) - Vanessa.Gelorini(at)
  • Mona Court-Picon (Belgium) - mona.courtpicon(at)
  • Petr Kunes (Czech Republic) - cuneus(at)
  • Heikki Seppä (Finland) - heikki.seppa(at)
  • Jacques-Louis de Beaulieu (France) -
  • Thomas Litt (Germany) - t.litt(at)
  • Sampson Panajiotidis (Greece) - pansamp(at)
  • Fraser Mitchell (Ireland) - fraser.mitchell(at)
  • Laura Sadori (Italy) - laura.sadori(at)
  • Wim Hoek (The Netherlands) - w.hoek(at)
  • Aleksandra Simakova (Russia) - simak2001(at)
  • Graciela Gil-Romera (Spain) - gmg(at)
  • Marie-Jose Gaillard-Lemdahl (Sweden) - marie-jose.gaillard-lemdahl(at)
  • Basil Davis (United Kingdom) - basil.davis(at)
  • Walter Finsinger - walter.finsinger(at)
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