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-======The Publishing Network for Geoscientific & Environmental Data (PANGAEA) offers to support the EPD====== 
-The repeated offer by (M. Diepenbroek & H. Grobe) includes: 
-  * Long-term archiving of all EPD data in PANGAEA, with updates of new data sets or new versions of existing data sets 
-  * All data sets in PANGAEA get persistent identifiers (DOI) and can be published and made citable 
-  * Extension of the EPD data inventory by relevant data in PANGAEA (e.g. German pollen data), updates can be downloaded at any time. We could also supply a specific feed for this purpose giving the info on new pollen data sets in PANGAEA 
-Long-term archiving is provided free of charge and includes; the technical operation of the system; the provision of DOI for each data set; the availability of all data through portals; search engines and library catalogs; and the archiving of new data sets. 
-=== Weblink === 
-[[http://​www.pangaea.de/​|Pangaea Website]] 
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