**Tilia Trainings Sessions in May 2011**

The new all-Windows version of Tilia was released in January 2011. This version includes the spreadsheet and graphics in a single program and includes many new enhancements, such as a component for generating and viewing age models. The program can also carry out stratigraphically constrained (and unconstrained) cluster analysis. The program is also designed to be compatible with the Neotoma Paleoecology Database, and will be used by Neotoma data stewards for data entry. It has forms for metadata, including site data, core data, geochronologic data, age models, contacts, and publications. The Neotoma Paleoecology Database is a multiproxy paleodatabase for the Quaternary and Pliocene. Constituent databases include the European Pollen Database and the North American Pollen Database.

What will be covered: The Tilia training sessions will cover all aspects of the Tilia program, including data entry, metadata entry, age-model construction, cluster analysis, and construction and editing of pollen diagrams. The workshop will also provide an introduction to the Neotoma Paleoecology Database—how to use the website tools as well as make simple queries in Access to the full database. There will also be short sessions on age-depth curves, quantitative methods and land-cover reconstruction. Course leader: Eric Grimm. Guest contributors: Maarten Blaauw, John Birks (Liverpool only), Jane Bunting (Liverpool only), Joël Guiot (Aix-en-Provence only), Wolfgang Cramer (Aix-en-Provence only) and Isabelle Dormoy (Aix-en-Provence only).

What to bring: Participants should bring a laptop computer and have administrative rights to install new software. The newest version of Tilia will be distributed to those who have not yet obtained it. Having Access installed is recommended, but not required. Time will be allotted for participants to work with their own data, which they should bring.

Costs: There will be no registration fee. However, participants are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and meals. Recommendations for lodging will be made in a future announcement.

Please reply (Richard.Bradshaw(at)liv.ac.uk) if you think you might come and indicate whether you choose Liverpool or Aix. We need a rough idea of numbers for planning. You will have to pay for travel and accommodation but we hope to subsidise some of the on-site costs. There are several cheap flights to Liverpool or Manchester airports and we can organise budget accommodation. Practical details and registration forms will be sent later. Please pass this on to interested colleagues.

9-11 May 2011, Liverpool, England

16-18 May, Aix-en-Provence, France

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