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 +====== The EPD Website ======
 +A discussion forum about the website itself: how it looks, making it better, making it easier to navigate and use.
 +===== Looking for Creative People =====
 +Are you a highly-skilled web designer with years of experience who wants to volunteer ideas and time to improve the look and ease of use of the EPD website? How about if you just willing to volunteer, and have some good ideas? And we //are// more interested in ideas than opinions. We already have opinions, which include a disdain for framesets, patterned backgrounds and flashing animations. (We might reconsider, however, if such designs were accompanied by a large cheque, payable to Database Manager & Friends.)
 +The initial design of the website was based on functionality and ease of deployment. Aesthetics were a minor concern (obviously). There was a need to put up something usable in the shortest amount of time. This design invites replacement. And that is where you come in, if you have the time and vision to help improve it. 
 +If you have thoughts and ideas regarding the website, this is the place to express them!
 +**You have to be logged for write access**
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