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Here you can ask for stuff that should be done on the wiki or requests for new tools etc…

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Nicolas Garnier (admin), 2007/05/31 11:30

People can upload file (like PDF or Word donuments (also images) for example) on the server.

To do that you need to use the “Add images and other files” button : .

It is available on the toolbar while editing a page. I have set the maximum size of uploadble documents to 3Mb. If it is a real problem (too small), ask me and we will try to change that...

Marie-Jose Gaillard, 2007/05/30 08:20

Me again! I understand I should now create the page “Taxonomy/Nomenclature”, but havn’t the time to do it just now.... I’ll do it later this week, sorry....

Nicolas GARNIER, 2007/05/30 15:23

I enlarged the width of the sidebar so it fits the “Taxonomy/Nomenclature” title :-)

Marie-José Gaillard, 2007/05/30 08:17

I have added a point in the navigation. I hope it is OK? I think it could be good to have a place where to discuss the taxonomy/nomenclature issues we are discussing within the support group and between the support group and the authors/contributors. MJ

Richard Bradshaw, 2007/05/29 22:28

Can you get back to the EPD home page from the wiki? I cannot seem to!

Marie-José Gaillard, 2007/05/30 08:11

Yes, I can get back using the “back” function. But it is right that it would be good to be able to click back directly from the wiki. I can’t see either that it is possible. I also noticed that when you press on “participate” in the menu “participate/wiki”, nothing happens. But if you press on “wiki”, it works. Is this how it should be?

Otherwise, just great with this forum, I am sure it will be used a lot!

Another alternative would be “ProjectCoordinator” from Designtech, which I just got to know and seems to be a fantastic tool for groups/networks, from small to very big ones. However, let’s try with this wiki first. We’ll see how it works.


Nicolas GARNIER, 2007/05/30 10:56

You can now go back to the pages by clicking on the top left logo :-)

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